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Red Heels is the first female string group in Poland which combines the sound of classical instruments with genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and electronic music.

We were finalists on the 5th season of Poland’s Got Talent.

Red Heels introduces the audience to the powerful world of string instruments, that can satisfy even the most demanding listeners. The key to the girls’ success is the unique mix of their passion for dance and acting, with the best soundtrack and rock hits, blended with electronic music.

Who is behind all this?
Anna Adamczuk

Probably nobody believes it, but a viola player!

My name is Ania. I am a graduate of the Music Academy in Katowice.

Since childhood, I’ve listened to Apocaliptyca and Nirvana. I fell in love with these bands… with their energy, passion and freedom. It’s amazing! I decided that when I grew up, I would have this kind of band. And now I’ve done that! Yippie!

I totally love music. I think that everything is built from energy. Music is nothing more than energy, so I’m creating an environment around me by a combination of my music and my open heart. Bon apettite;)