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Red Heels introduces the audience to the powerful world of stringed instruments which can satisfy even the most demanding listeners. The key to the girls’ success is the mix of their passion and professionalism, while putting the best soundtrack and rock hits together with electronic music. Their concerts are like fire and water clashing… Extremely hypnotizing, stimulating and tasty. This is music & a visual feast which You have to feel directly on your skin.


For each booking, a bespoke performance model is designed specific to the client’s needs. Red Heels performs in a variety of different set ups pending the requirements of the event, the venue and the capacity of the audience. 

Most commonly, we perform three themed sets:

– Each one a lovely 2o minutes 

– Different, stunning costumes

– Creative visuals behind the Group


The girls’ classical instruments with high-tech sound are completely free from any floor wiring, allowing them the freedom to perform in a host of unique spaces and in variously choreographed presentations.

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Corporate Performances

Red Heels have performed at events around the world for some of the most prestigious brands and personalities. From the grand scale of an arena or concert hall, to an intimate cocktail party or gala dinner, we always deliver a memorable highlight to the evening.

Open Air and Club Concerts

Red Heels love open air and club performances. These are amazing opportunities to meet their Fans directly and to convey to them high-level positive energy.

Cross Promotional Opportunities & Media Coverage

We are also able to develop cross promotional opportunities such as exclusive content, lead time permitting.  At the request or discretion of the client, Red Heels are willing to  consider participating  in  media coverage  around an event. This will be  considered on a case by case basis.

Featured Performances & Studio Recordings

We cooperate with different vocalists, musicians, groups, dj’s, and film, TV and theatrical producers. We realize session recordings with musicians and we accompany them on tour. By special request, we arrange and record audio-books, advertisements and jingles using string music. Thanks to hours of workshops with choreographers, the girls can also feature as musician-actresses in video productions.

Red Heels Agency Presents

Red Heels Standard

The most popular option 🙂

String Trio with electronic base. Completely show which consists professional music, dancing and amazing  costumes! For sure You’ve never seen this kind of performances!

Try it first! You will never regret it!

Red Heels Black

This is the Black Horse of Red Heels Agency.

This is Red Heels Trio with the addition of the men’s clutch drums. An extraordinary fusion of beautiful women with a full complement of live music gives 200% energy. Sensuality permeates here with a sharp rock hit. Girls go crazy on stage in heels with studs, adding extra spice to the mix! You cannot pass by this performance indifferent. A force pulls you in, this is addictive…

During this one hour concert you will hear original arrangements of well-known pop rock songs.

Red Heels Vocal DeLuxe

This is string trio with amazing vocalist!!!

We are cooperating  with a few top vocalists from TV SHOWS such as Sabina Nycek, Mateusz Grędziński or Kamila Jaskrowska and Mateusz Czyżewski.

This shows are extremely powerfull! We are gurantee that each your Guest will be singing and dancing with us!

Pop-rock repertoire which everybody knows for sure 😉

Red Heels Gold

The Opulent Option!
Double Red Heels with drums, this is six beautiful and talented instrumentalists plus an amazing drummer ..
Pop-rock repertoire 
We recommend this for people with steel nerves…
Definitely not recommended for those with high blood-pressure! 

Rent a Sound System

If you are thinking about sound systems for your party or for recording your concert, come to us first!

We are one of a very few companies which rents wireless sound systems for quartets, trios, vocalists…

  • DPA 4099 + adapter Shure 4x
  • Shure GLXD14E Zestaw bezprzewodowy do mikrofonów DPA , czyli nadajnik i odbiornik dźwięku 4x
  • Shure PSM900 Zestaw odsłuchu osobistego 4x
  • Shure SE215 Słuchawki dokanałowe (odsłuch douszny) 4x
  • Allen & Heath ZED-12FX 12 kanałowy mikser z 8 przedwzmacniaczami i efektami pogłosowymi 4x
  • HK Pr:O 10XA -Kolumna aktywna 2x
  • Shure Beta87 -Mikrofon wokalny pojemnościowy
  • RODE HS-1 pink: Mikrofon nagłówny
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 -Interfejs audio z 4 przedwzmacniaczami
  • Boss RC-300 -Looper
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